ISS Inkowi is a non-listed 100% Black owned Security company and was formed in 2003, with the sole purpose of providing authentic and reliable security services. We offer services in Retail, Commercial, Industrial, Hotels, Special Events, Offices, Stadiums, Filming, Armed escorting and homes, both physical and technical.

Our management team consist of incumbents whose backgrounds, expertise and commitment adds up to a broad technical knowledge that is appropriate to the field of security. We provide super technical service from our well trained security services, security officers are fully registered with the security Industrial Regulatory Authority (SIRA), personnel and deliver the promise efficiently at competitive prices. The equity ownership of the company represents the broad based black economic empowerment compliance's and elements.



  • Armed assistants can be used to safe guard the delivery vehicles loaded with client’s consignments..
  • All the necessary training will also be confirmed before any armed assistant will accompany the driver of a delivery vehicle.
  • The armed assistant will not deliver goods or parcels together with the driver or the other assistants but will only safe guard the transport vehicle and the consignment inside.
  • These people will be in possession of licensed firearms not smaller than 9mm pistol or a 38 caliber revolver.


  • The armed escort will notify afore-mentioned places immediately.
  • Surveillance will continue until response unit / SAPS arrive.
  • Ones the response units / SAPS have arrived on the scene ISS INKOWI will take the necessary steps retrieve the cargo in terms of regulations and SAPS procedures, and firearms will only be used in case of emergency.


In any attempted hijacking, accident, or any other emergency the following procedure will take place:

  • Response units from ISS INKOWI will be contacted.
  • SAPS will be contacted by ISS INKOWI radio room.
  • The clients contact person will be noticed.



  • Response units from ISS INKOWI will be contacted.
  • The clients contact person will be notified immediately
  • .The cargo will be secured by whatever means possible.
    An authorized client’s person will deal with the accident scene or breakdown.